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By Junious Ricardo Stanton

     Reclaiming Our Minds 



                The most potent and beneficial thing one human being can do for another is be supportive of them, encourage them to develop their personal talents, gifts, aptitudes, persuade them to think for themselves and do what is in their best interests. To say Africans in AmeriKKKa are the victims of constant coercion, intimidation, bamboozlement and terror is an understatement. Everywhere we turn there is an unceasing barrage of Eurocentric white supremacist propaganda targeting non-Europeans on general and Africans in particular. Most of this propaganda is channeled through the corporate owned mass media which we purchase, watch and internalize. One way to reassert our self-determination, our humanity and resistance to the newest wave of AmeriKKKan racist, fascism and international imperialism is by turning off the media, or at least become more discerning and picky about what we allow into our homes and lives. The news is anything but objective! It reflects the view point of the ruling elites, what they want the masses to believe about the world. For example the media still tells us President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a lone gun man named Lee Harvey Oswald who fired a single bullet. Since 9-11 we’ve been spoon fed the nonsense that a millionaire Saudi Arabian, an AmeriKKKan hating Muslim fanatic living in a cave in Afghanistan masterminded 9-11?  Stop falling for the okie-doke!  

                 In an essay entitled Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything by Tim O’Shea recapped the history of how manufactured reality, PR, and advertising have been used to deceive and manipulate the masses into doing the bidding of the ruling elites. He shares how the opinion shaping and reality structuring media apparatus manipulates us. "As the science of mass control evolved PR firms developed further guidelines for effective copy

Here are some of the gems:

1 demonize the attacked party by labeling and name calling

  2 Speak in glittering generalities using emotionally positive words

 3 When covering something up, don’t use plain English, stall for time, distract

4 get endorsements from celebrities, churches, sports figures, street people, anyone who has no expertise in the subject at hand

 5 The plain folks ruse: us billionaires are just like you

 6 When minimizing outrage, don’t say anything memorable

  7 When minimizing outrage, point out the benefits of what just happened

 8 When minimizing outrage, avoid moral issues.

Keep this list. Start watching for these techniques. Start by paying attention to the television and newspapers.” -Tim O’Shea

                O’Shea points out that most of what we think is news is actually cunningly disguised PR, biased and one sided material written on behalf of the PR firm’s clients formatted to look like news. When it comes to dealing with African people the same techniques are used. So called “experts” are trotted out spouting and parroting racist and denigrating ideas about blacks that have been formulated in their white supremacist think tanks, universities and propaganda mills. That is why whenever we assert our humanity, raise issues germane to our struggle for liberation or attempt to embark upon a course of action in our best interests we are attacked on all fronts using many of the techniques O’Shea mentions above.

                Take for example, the Afrocentric movement. Dr. Molefi Kete Asante and others proposed and encouraged us to see ourselves as dynamic movers and shakers in the development of humanity and world history rather than the marginalized status white supremacist Eurocentric society has consigned us. Immediately their positions were attacked by whites because to allow Africans to define ourselves as central figures in human development threatens the mental hegemony and power relationships Europeans hold over us. Our African scholars/warriors were immediately demonized, branded as pseudo-intellectuals and reverse racists?! This is nothing new they did the same thing to David Walker, Ida B. Wells,  Marcus Garvey and Elijah Muhammad. We are in an all out war for the minds, souls and bodies of not only African people everywhere but for the whole planet! Each one of us is a potential warrior. That is why our enemies are so hell bent on totally destroying us. We have to resist and fight back We have to galvanize our forces, develop our own tactics and weapons of psychological warfare to prepare our people to survive, thrive and win. We can best protect ourselves by limiting the amount of media we allow into our homes, by developing our own liberation oriented media, by teaching our community the power of media and images, how to use media to tell our story, project life affirming values and wage effective counter measures against materialistic, Eurocentric, white supremacist propaganda.


 Junious Ricardo Stanton produce and host a Internet radio program titled The Digital Underground which airs live on Sundays from 12 pm- 2 pm eastern standard time on come lets support our warrior!

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