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By Junious Ricardo Stanton

     War = Big Profits

                 "The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government." -Martin Luther King Jr. 1967 

As Bush and company push their war agenda on all fronts and resistance to AmeriKKKa's lurch towards fascism (rabidly xenophobic nationalism, militarism and imperialism driven by crass capitalism) it would behoove us to know just how the dots connect and seemingly unrelated pieces fit together. George W Bush as we know is in the White House not because of a popular mandate or winning the majority of Electoral College votes but through a ruling by the US Supreme Court; a Supreme Court that was impacted by his father George H. W. Bush who served two terms as Vice President under Ronald Reagan and one term as President himself. Not only were several justices appointed by Reagan-Bush but several have current ties to Bush friends or business associates. Shrub (baby Bush) is in office on a bogus tip. Upon winning the GOP nomination, he picked as his running mate Richard Cheney who first came to Washington on a Congressional fellowship in 1969. Cheney, prior to becoming the Republican Party's Vice Presidential candidate in 2000, was the CEO of Halliburton Co a multi-national drilling and engineering company that services oil companies and military installations. Prior to that, Cheney served as a US congressman, Secretary of Sate in Bush Senior's administration and as Gerald Ford's Chief of Staff. He and current Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld go way back Rumsfeld was Cheney's mentor when he first came to Washington. 

Cheney and both Bush Sr and Shrub have connections to the oil industry among other things. George Jr. was a key player in Harken oil that is so much in the news regarding insider trading and stock sales, where Dubeya capitalized on foreknowledge of the Gulf War his daddy planned to wage and sold his shares of Harken stock making a huge profit before the company went belly up. Now Baby Bush is in the White House, being a novice, he turns the area of energy and foreign affairs over to Dick Cheney. Coincidentally we have Enron an energy company whose CEO was a major financial contributor to Bush and the Republican Party getting real cozy with Cheney. In fact Enron people help to write Cheney's energy policies. Low a behold Enron a multi-national corporation that doesn't make anything goes bankrupt but not before Leay and his boys make a killing selling their company stock while their accounting firm is lying to shareholders and investors misrepresenting the company's actual financial situation. Connect the dots here: Bush, Cheney + oil + Enron =3D disaster. How does this meld with current events? Well, Cheney's Energy Policy papers address US dependency on foreign oil and what the US can do about it. This is why Cheney refuses to release those papers to the public because they are tied to current foreign policy! What does this have to do with war and oil. Everything. 

Shrub's father George H.W. Bush is a key player in an organization called the Carlyle Group a good ol' boy network if there ever was one. It is made up of former government leaders from around the world and has offices in AmeriKKKa, Europe, Asia and Japan. The group started out as an investment fund with four investors with $5 million in capital. Now according to its Website it is one of the world's largest equity firms with over $13 billion committed capital under management. The Carlyle Group is comprised of former heads of sate, key government and multi-national corporate and business leaders such as Frank Carlucci former Secretary of State under Gerald Ford and a former Deputy Directo r of the CIA, George H.W. Bush former Director of the CIA, former Vice President and President, James Baker III former Undersecretary of Commerce during the Ford Administration, Secretary of Treasury under Ronald Reagan and Secretary of State under George H.W. Bush, John Majors former British Prime Minister, until right after 9-11 the bin-Laden family, Fidel Ramos former President of the Phillippines and former World Bank Treasurer Afsaneh Musheyekhi. To say these folks are well connected is the ultimate understatement! The Carlyle group buys struggling companies, turns them around makes them profitable then sells them at a huge profit. Nothing wrong with that. No there isn't. However there are several things wrong with how they do it, using insider info and contacts their competitors don't have privy to. Also there are conflicts of interests, let's connect the dots. The focal point of Carlyle Group investments and acquisitions according to their own Website are: Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Consumer and Industrial, Energy, Healthcare, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Media and Transportation. Just by virtue of its contacts, the Carlyle Group stands to benefit handsomely from the amorphous War on Terrorism, the war in Iraq or any possible conflicts in resource rich areas of the world. Keep in mind they have a member whose son is the illegitimate President of the United States, a member who is the former mentor to the current Vice President and they just all happen to have oil, energy, and money- making in common. How coincidental?! So what if the family of Osama bin-Laden used to be investors in the Carlyle Group. 

So what if Osama was a CIA operative in the '80's when Bush as VP and President (connect the dots here), it's only business. The War on Terrorism is inexorably linked to oil and natural resources as per Dick Cheney's Energy (and foreign) policy that Kenneth Leay and the boys at Enron helped him formulate! Keep in mind that Halliburton a company formerly run by Cheney has a subsidiary called Kellogg Brown and Root which also provides security ( they are New World Order mercenaries) to oil and natural resource drilling, pumping and pipeline installations around the world. Frank Carlucci was Chairman of BDM when it acquired Vinnell another Private Military Company or Multi-National Security Company as they liked to be called. That's why Bush, Baker and Co moved so aggressively to make sure Shrub won the 2000 presidential election, to further their agenda. This is not to say that if Gore won they still won't wheel and deal; but this way they keep it all in the family. In this scenario the ruling elites win all the way around. They get inside info on what companies to invest in, which ones to take over or to sell because of their contacts in the White House, CIA, Congress and financing. More ominously, they set policy (you know Bush Sr is telling Shrub what to do through Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice) they get government contracts through their good ol' boy networks at the State Department, Pentagon, Defense Department, Congress and who knows where else. They win all the way around. They make profits as soon as the bombs and missiles start dropping because they own munitions companies, defense contracting companies, telecommunications companies etc. Once the US military goes into places like Kosova, Afghanistan and Iraq and destabilizes the region they contract the Private Military Companies (which they own) like Brown and Root, Vinnell etc in to protect the puppet regime, the oil or poppy fields, the pipelines, the mines, and land they've invested in and the bamboozled US tax payers, pay for all of it! Ingenious. The only way they don't win is if the masses wake up from their media induced (remember the Carlyle Group has invested in media!) stupor, do the research, confront the Carlyle Group's government and corporate stooges, hold them accountable for what they have already done and make the necessary changes to prevent this from continuing . That's a mighty big if.


 Junious Ricardo Stanton produce and host a Internet radio program titled The Digital Underground which airs live on Sundays from 12 pm- 2 pm eastern standard time on come lets support our warrior!

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